Thursday, September 16, 2010

Massive thanks to you, Mom!

I am a self-confessed shoe addict.
Yes. I am. 
(Duh?! What girls doesn't? ^_^)

I don't know if it's a disease or what but I'm sure it is hereditary! LOL! 

My Mom is also addicted to buying and wearing different shoes, as far as I can recall. She used to put all of her shoes near our stairs, in that old house where I grew up. Everyone might notice that she's wearing the same clothes but she never ran out of shoes to wear. *Gasp!* 

Lucky me, we have the same shoe size and all her old ones are passed on to me. Her "old ones" aren't really old, by the way. She'll wear them one time or two and then she'll packed them up and send them all to me. Yippeee! :)

Yesterday, a box from her arrived and wow! 0_0 She got me 5 new pairs! *Woot!* 

*faints!* <333

The last one is my favorite! Since I'm into Gothic/Steam punk Style, that one could be very useful! :)

Geez! Massive thanks to my mother! I know I'm 31 and all but you still shower me with all these things. I don't really mind if those are hand-me-downs or new ones. What matters is the thought and that you spend part of your savings just to buy me something. (By the way, I rarely ask from her... She's just too generous! Moms are the best! ^_^)

I am soo blesses to have you! I love you! :))


  1. you're so lucky to have the same shoe size with your mom and she's a shoe addict. I have the same shoe size with my mom but too bad she's not a shoe addict :p


  2. I love those last shoes! They truely are perfect for gothic lolita!

  3. @ ribka

    hey! thank you for dropping by!!! :)

    aaaaw.. you can go shopping together and suggest some nice shoesies! :) that's what i do, sometimes and it always worked! :))

  4. @ mari

    heya! :)) thank you!

    the thing that bothers me is the heels.. what do you think? :/

  5. Uwah! So lucky, ate! hehehe I want shoes toooo ;__; My mom doesn't dress up let alone own/buy many shoes...i wish i could at least borrow my twin sister's but her feet are more than 2 sizes bigger than mine! I like them all! :O <3Emily

  6. really? ^_^ what's your shoe size?


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