Tuesday, September 21, 2010

stitchin' luvin'

Since I started taking up sewing classes, I have dreamed of getting myself a sewing machine. It could help me finish my project while at home and of course, improve my craft. :) And as a Lolita, I think it will help a lot too, if I know how to sew. :)) Dresses are really pricey. And I just can't afford them. 

And now, TA-DAAA!!! :))

it's a Brother Select 570. old, eh?
well lit! :))
no more time consuming threading!
I got this from a second hand store somewhere in Manila. Wooooah!!! They really have a lot to choose from! Unfortunately, my wallet can only afford this kind. It is in good working condition. I think its a good buy! When I was surfing for sewing machines, Brother caught my eyes. Its features are just right for me. Maybe someday I'd be able to buy their Touch Screen sewing machine! Oooooh! It's love at first sight!!! ^_^

Now, what I need is more time! 

~see yah!~


  1. your sewing machine is soo cute :)

  2. thanks, jess! kaso lang andali ko syang nasira... ibabalik ko sya sa store. :(


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