Thursday, October 28, 2010

Behind the frills and Jasmine tea

Thank you for patiently waiting! Really, I was excited to tell you all about this epic event! Since Lolita lifestyle/fashion have started capturing the young girls heart (and the young at heart girls - LOL!) here in PH, I've never heard of an event like this before. Maybe there was or some must've attempted but the one we just had was really heartwarming and fun and EPIC! ^_^ 

All in! :D
 The event was attended by only a chosen few because it is solely for the members of our little forum/community. We do not like haters/posers/backstabbers partying with us, so we decided to keep it intimate. Jaja, the forum founder/admin and the event organizer have done a real good job! I believe she deserves a pampering package for a day in the spa and a lot of hugs! (^_^)

Just look at that lovely dress she made for the event! Awesome girl!
I arrived at the venue with my 2 eldest kids, my sister and her daughter a little early. Of course we have to be there before the gates open since I will be managing a booth there and my sister will take care of the food together with a fellow Lolita, Meki. 
Sharing the table with Jaja and Kleng

some yumminess on the table! *nomnomnom*

When I saw that the girls are starting to doll up themselves, I realized I shouldn't have come in full Lolita outfit! *toinks!* I mean not just yet because the fashion show will start in two hours. Jaja asked, "Mumeh, aren't you going to change later for the catwalk?" and I was like, @_@ du-uh! yeah, right! How forgetful I could be? I just ruined the element of surprise! *boinks!* Anyway, such mistakes are always inevitable for it was the first time I am going to be walking in the middle of almost nowhere, with the blinding spotlight on your face and loud music plus the scrutinizing eyes all on you! *gasp!* 
Us, while trying to drive our anxiety away..
But before that, we had a very fun open discussion with the other members. We had a question and answer portion during the time. The event was also graced by a guest performer who sang two songs for us. Some have gathered around our booth. While I took my chance on Caz' table. Ooohlala! I just love the tarot, the tea cup and  the palm reading she offered. 
The open forum fun!
love the voice! ♥
She's my fave girl of the day!
I was amazed by her abilities... :)) wonderful!
 I feel sorry that I don't have much photos taken during our catwalk. But I hope you will be delighted with these few snaps... :]

After the nerve-wracking moment!!!
 Oh, yeah! Now I know that I really, truly suck at catwalk! LOL! xD 

We still have a little more time left for chatting with some friends and photo ops after the highlight and I really took advantage of it! *hihihi* I'd say why not? It's a very special time for us to chat and catch up. We don't get as much chance during conventions, right? :)) Well, here are some more random photos...

my lovely, Izhia 3

another mommy Lolita, Xiar ♥

the twinnie ♥

whacky shot

See? Long posts are loooong... xD To wrap it up, the event was successful! We may have imperfections but I believe it is forgivable. I would like to congratulate and thank everyone and of course Jaja for making this happen. I feels so blessed to have met you all! And my heart really yearns for more!

And as for you, my dearest readers, I hope you had fun with my post. We're working on our next meet up soon. ~YAY!~

See you again later... xD

*** photo credits to jaja and rin - thank you loves! ***

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  1. Everyone looked so nice~! And happy, So I'm sure a good time was had > w <


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