Friday, October 8, 2010


Aaaw... My morning was kinda quick. I mean, I woke up late and had to rush things. Gaaaah! The kids are late for school! Aaah, I feel bad for my eldest... He's really late and had to walk and wait for a ride to school. He missed the school service this time.. :( 

Maybe if it's not for my cat, I'd still be in bed at this hour. Sakura sneaked in to my room and slept here last night. She woke me up this morning and I was really surprised with her "way" of waking me up. She BIT me! ^_^ Only a bit... And I was like, "What the?... OMG! I'm late!!! LOL! And she was staring at the door as if she's telling me to open it up and that she's needing to pee! LOLx100! :))

She's such a bratty, bitchy, snotty and lovable fluffy creature! And helpful at times... :) We think that she's pregnant. She had mated with a male Siamese cat weeks ago. Some said that it rarely fails to get a cat pregnant after mating. Hmmm.. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this. Kittens would be nice! ~purrr~

I'm really crazy for her! Just take a look at her... Then tell me why I shouldn't.

Really a spoiled brat, huh? :) 

And because I woke up early but not wanting to boot up my PC yet, I settled for TV. I ran across this Japanese Film. 

What a heart wrenching, tear jerking movie! How I hate the tears! Hubby caught me crying while watching it and teased me that I'm being a sucker for drama scenes... Eerrrr! I told him I don't regret watching it. It's a good one! :))

Oh well, I guess my morning isn't bad after all... Though I'll try to make it early next time. :))

Good Morning! xD


  1. Omg cute kitty is cute! :)

    Thanks for following me back! Look forward to seeing more of your posts. :]

  2. such a cute kitty and u can be feature if u want just email or comment Cheryl :3

  3. the cat is adorable!

  4. @ ms. naka

    i will, soon! :)) thank you!

  5. @ cherryl

    wow! thank you for the visit! ^_^

  6. @ cherryl

    wow! thank you for the visit! ^_^


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