Friday, April 8, 2011


I need it right away... I need space and air... I need my time alone and contemplate. 

As the days pass, I cannot see things the way I see it before. And it's not just Lolita... I'm talking about most things in my life. Like a gadget, perhaps I need an upgrade. OR, would it make things easier to bear if I'll downgrade? Whichever, I don't have the energy to think and to keep up with many things and many people. Maybe, I'm making things complicated. But you see, I've been on Earth for like three decades and somehow I know my intuitions are telling me something. Something that I should consider re-thinking.

 OH MAN! I need an inspiration!



  1. What you need is a day without the family, out in nature on a beautiful springy day, with a picnic basket all to yourself. Alone time, even when married and with kids, is mandatory. You're only human. :)

  2. OMG! Why do I get this feeling that you appear whenever I feel bothered? Are you an angel? xD I missed you! soooo much! *huggy-hugz!

  3. Your post wasn't exactly a happy one, so I thought I'd show some sort of support. What's bothering you?

  4. Thanks, sweet! xD Nothing really serious.. Maybe it's just one of the blues. Y'know... I'm having trouble keeping up with everything. It's summer vacation here and i'm supposed to be relaxing and all. but I feel so pressured with several things and upcoming events. Added the fact that all my savings have been scraped off for the kids' schooling. :( It's a terrible feeling. I don't know how I should put it in words. *sigh~ But yeah, I'm trying to keep going. Spending my days making cute and frilly stuffs, writing letters to my friends overseas (which I couldn't send because I live far from the post office), enjoying the kids here at home and a lot of cleaning. xD I really need that time alone!

  5. I totally know what you mean! Moving was such a change for me. I needed it so much! More than I could ever imagine! Now I feel i'm on the right track again. I finally enjoy my life again, I'm finally changing and developing, explore new things and learn new things. Maybe you just need a new environment?


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