Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One day

I just thought I should share this here...

A postcard from Zeruda arrived in the mail and really brightened up my day! We have been exchanging postcards and letters since our MAF days. And I am happy even though seeing each other in flesh wouldn't be possible (unless a miracle happens), we were able to be real life friends through mails and the internet. Real friends are hard to find these days, you know. xD I am forever thankful for these great people who, in some ways have affected my life positively. Thanks, dear doll! I am really going to send one back, soon! :)

On the other note, I have attended my Baby Zombie's Moving Up Ceremony in their school. I do have some photos but, sorry, people. I can't post them here. :( 
The only photo that I can share is this:
Shoes of the day: Dexter Plaid Maryjanes 
I didn't realized that I look awful until I saw my photos during the said event. I immediately deleted all of them. >.< GAAAWD! I was wearing a nice pair of casual pants. I thought it was comfy and all but I really look so awful! My face showed stress and my hair was a mess! My ears just keeps showing through my hair because they are too big! UGH! What a shame! :( 

Oh well... It's just one of those days again. :) Shouldn't stop me from being happy! 

But this one sad news made me feel lightheaded the whole day, today. :(

Little Ichigo-chan on Baby Zombie's skateboard xD
Little Ichigo is missing. Someone might have kidnapped him. I don't know... I'm not sure. But what I know is that he is not the aloof type. You could easily get along with him. Oh! By the way, Ichigo is a HE. Thanks to Jaja, for she knows well how to distinguish a male cat from the female one. Still, my poor kitty hasn't been home yet... :(

I'm hoping he'll come back soon. 

Oh yeah... Tomorrow is another day. ♥


  1. Aw, I hope Ichigo turns up soon! I hate when one of our cats are missing! It's such a horrible feeling. But so far we've been able to find them every time ♥

    And I'm so sad to hear you feel ugly. That's not true at all! But I know how you feel. I haven't quite felt like the old confident me for a long time either. And the German sizing drives me nuts. I feel so fat, because their sizing here is much much smaller than the one I'm used to. It's silly how great impact a tag in the neck can have on ones life really -.- Not even wigs cheer me up anymore. I find more and more imperfections every day! DX

    I'm glad you like the postcard!

    Take care!

  2. Until now, he hasn't turn up. :( My hubby said not to hope for him anymore... Aaaaw... He's the sweetest kitten I've ever known.

    You're right! Though I have to really look at the brighter side of things - always! :) Maybe, I am so bored and have grown tired of some stuffs. D:


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