Saturday, June 25, 2011

Impulsive Me

My lack of posts these past few weeks (or months?), I can say, should be blamed on my frequent mood swings. And since I wanted sooo much to avoid posting too many negative things on this blog, I chose to stay quiet for quite some time. I'm just glad I did because I was able to spend more time learning new things, spending quality time with my family and good friends, shopping (big smile!), sewing and more sewing. The only downside of this - my pocket is always drained!~ xD 

Shopping has drained me the most! Whenever and wherever I can, I buy small things as a souvenir. It could be old or new. BUT, I try my best not exceed my limit. Of course, it would be inconsiderate of me if I would spend more than I could afford or earn. It's just that sometimes, my fascination for tiny things lead me to impulse buying. I always have this "thing" for tiny tea sets, notebooks or journals, brown papers, anything made of porcelain or ceramic, wood, wicker, cutesy sticky notes and fabric. Good thing, I find them reasonably priced and I still manage not to overspend. :)

Now, I'm beginning to think hard if I just like collecting these things or am I just hoarding??? Oh well! 

Some notebooks... Super love the big one!
Here's how it looks inside. The pages! Oh, the pages!  :)

Others... :) love the black one!
Dress form accessory holder, a tiny shelf(?), small boxes...
all these came from Papemelroti!~ xD

Wind chime - still kept hidden in my box... Also from Papemelroti~
Stickiees!~ ♥

Tea sets from my favorite thrift shops. 
Tiny ceramic watering can *nyuuuu!~
Ceramic eggs and wicker glass holder

These are just some of the stuffs that I have been hiding in my box of silly treasures. Sometimes, the question "What are you gonna do with them?" really annoys me. Because I, myself don't really know! I am saving them because hubby and I are planning the construction of new room and he promised to give me my own corner for my crafts and my trinkets. Yay!~ =^_^= Can't wait! 

I swear, as soon as that room is done, I'll decorate it and take lots of pictures and share all of them here! Too bad, it'll take a loooooong time... We shall see...

Ciao! ♥

NOTE: Papemelroti website here. Lots and lots of nice, vintage-y, Eco-friendly stuffs! That's why I like them soo much! ♥


  1. Aaaaw... :3 Please don't be... These are just cheap stuffs. xD Thanks for dropping by, dear!~ ♥


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