Saturday, December 3, 2011

Boiling my Contact Lenses

It's quite a funny or a confusing title for this post. I know. I know. But before you freak out, please read through so you won't be confused. 

My mom is a contact lens user since I can remember. Yes, since I can remember. So, if you think contacts are new, then you must do your research again. My mom has a very poor eyesight. It ain't just an ordinary grade or astigmatism. It is something else and don't want to elaborate. All I can tell you is that she's close to being blind. Everything to her are shadowy and blurry. She's been like that too, since I was a kid. She has glasses but she only use them when her eyes needed some rest from the contacts, like bedtime. Her glasses are funny, ugh... Sorry. >_< But they are! They're thick like bulletproof glasses. >_< 
But her eye problem isn't something to laugh about. She sought for medical assistance almost all the time especially now that she's getting older. She inquired  about Lasik treatment but unfortunately, it's not for her. That's what the doctors have told her. Oh, well... I feel for her. :(

And when she learned that I am using colored contacts, she gave me tons of advice of how I should properly care for my lenses. Most of them I knew of already. I grew up seeing her how she took care of her lenses, right? She'd even buy solutions for me, that she said would suit my needs. Some brands that are not really available in my area. If they are, only few optical shops have them. 

One good thing she taught me is to "boil" my lenses regularly. Most solutions are good for soaking, lubricating and storing our lenses. But she said saline solutions doesn't do everything. She gave me a bottle of Clear Care No Rub solution and taught me how to use it.

It says NO RUB and it's true!
This solution comes with its own case. You'll really need to use it when "boiling" your lenses.
I placed my contacts in it. Place a few drops of the solution on the lenses.

Then I filled the case with the solution up to the fill line.

I place the lens holder inside and tighten the cap.

Now I have to wait for at least 6 hours before I can use my contacts again. When it's done, I don't need to rinse my lenses with saline solution. Yes~ you can use it straight from the case! You will feel the difference once the whole procedure is done. I think it is even better than wearing a new pair. :D

This is why I call it "boiling". Once the lenses are in the case, you will notice that the bubbles start to appear. It looks similar to a boiling water. It's fun to look at! But remember, not to shake the case!~ 

I hope you can see the bubbles... My photography skills really sucks.  >_<
Before I wrote this post, I did a little research about this product. I found some bad reviews. They said the product burned their eyes or had some irritation. One even said not to buy or use it because it is not good. I think, it's different in my case and my mother's as well. I also found one good review that explained well everything about this product. He or she is right, I think. Read and understand the instructions carefully, follow them and of course, before you do all the stuff, make sure you've got clean hands. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EYES! Doing so is like looking for trouble. >_<

If it is too dangerous, my mom who has been using contacts for a very long time would have known it, and she would not recommend it to me. But if ever problems occur, one must seek professional help. 

I also heard stories of people allowing their friends borrow and use their contacts. THIS is really surprising! OMG!!! It's like letting someone use your own toothbrush or underwear or your boyfriend, even worst! PLEASE don't do that. I don't need to elaborate what this could do to you. You know, we know that it is very much against the law of personal hygiene! LOL! xDDD

This "boiling" thing is also being offered by some local optical shops. But I heard the process might cost around Php200 or approximately $5. I am not really sure. You can always ask the nearest optical shop/clinic for more info. 

Oh, well... I have to go now. Still have a date tomorrow. ♥ 

~Thanks for reading!~  


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