Monday, January 16, 2012

A weekend full of love (in photos)

Overflowing weekend activities. I've got to meet friends, visit a church, date my hubby, grocery shopping and whatever things... >_< 

But I like the idea of getting busy and taking snaps of photos that I can share. ^_^
Here are some of them...

Saturday morning...
Off to Manila with hubby. 
I have a scheduled lunch meeting with the Labyrinth Garden girls for the new stocks and a photo shoot for the new campaign. But it's still early so I hanged out with hubby to his office. While he's working on a deadline, I busied myself taking photos. Their office is located on the 9th floor and the view was quite inviting. ♥

Too bad, though... I wasn't able to take photos during our lunch date at our friends house. We were busy chatting and laughing, that the original plan of the meeting was completely forgotten. I cooked for them and I'm happy that they liked my dish - Adobo. ♥ 
Before I left, my dear Kleng handed me a box. A gift, actually. *spazzz attack* 

A gift from my dear, Kleng... ♥
Thank you, my love!~ You are awesome! ILY! ♥

Hurrying over to hubby's office again... 
We still have to attend the late evening mass at the Sto. Niño De Tondo. The feast of the Holy Infant Jesus is every third Sunday of January. I visit the shrine every year on it's Feast day but this time, I know that there will be a lot of people visiting the shrine on the feast day itself. So, we decided to make it earlier. 
And again, I was right. 
There were less crowd. The mass was more solemn. And I can see the altar full of flowers this time. Last year, I didn't make it inside the church because of the huge number of attendees. 

Sto. Niño De Tondo Church
We didn't forget to visit the trail, right at the back of the church. The trail will lead you to the old statue of  the Holy Infant Jesus. 

This is the trail... Hubby leading the way... :)
The old statue of Sto. Niño, filled with flowers offered by the visitors.
If you'll visit the trail on the feast day, you won't be able to capture a close up shot of this statue. The place would be very crowded and the line is longer than you can imagine.
After the mass, hubby and I walked around the area... 

San Miguel Beer Street Party
We went to this annual street party sponsored by a huge beer company, somewhere along the streets of Zaragoza and Delpan. Many friends of ours live near where the party was held so we stayed for a while before heading for home. 
It felt good to re-visit the place where I grew up. 

Yes, I grew up in this place. And that could explain why I attend the yearly Feast. :) It is also a great time to reunite with old friends. 

The next day (Sunday), we stayed home with the kids and did some grocery shopping in the afternoon. To my surprise, hubby treated me to a whole body massage at Shinju. The best treat e-vaarr!~ Yay!~ ^_^

And, this:
Dickies Eyewear ♥
We enjoyed the evening movie marathon, too while having a light booze. We've spotted Burlesque on HBO and I was like - YAY!~ ^_^ *rolls on the floor*

I love Cher's song!~ It was really inspiring...


These simple treats and moments makes me feel really blessed. Sometimes people tell me how lucky I am and how they envy what I have. LOL. I find it funny. I only have a simple life. We also have problems, just like other humans.What makes my life special is not the material things that we have. WE TRY TO MAKE IT SPECIAL. Even in the smallest of things we find happiness, we feel blessed and we appreciate. As they say, life is too short. Why not enjoy each moment and say thanks for every blessing that comes along, tangible or intangible?

Happiness is always a choice. I chose to stay happy. :) And cool!~ Hahaha

Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed weekend!~ ♥

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