Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another finished project and...

... I'm dead tired today. Really! pffffft!!! 

I was (finally!) able to finish my latest project for my little zombie darling. *squint*

My youngest, turning 7 this March... Whatta darling!~
She wore it during their school's founding anniversary parade. All my effort was paid off when I saw her really happy donning her gown. She pulled it off well. ^_^ 
After the event, her schoolmates and the other parents flocked around her to get a chance of a few snaps with her. :)

Last year, she joined the school parade but she didn't look very pleased. She didn't want me apply makeup on her face. She didn't want to smile. She just stayed quiet and pouting the whole time!~ She was relieved when she changed her clothes. :)

This was her last year...

In blue...
 She is growing up fast. Actually, all of them. :( And it is the very reason why i don't want to miss every single moment of it. I want to be able to be there all the time, if possible. 

And it is the same reason why am not able to get back on track to my endeavors. 

Aaaand I'm really tired... I will be back as soon as I can. :)


  1. Aww, gorgeous!! The previous years dress too!

  2. You are a Great Mom "mum" !!! I promise she will look back and Love it,(and you).Love the colors and everything..


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