Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart's Day!

For 15 years, me and hubby aren't really very particular on celebrating V-day. It passes like some normal days of our lives. We greet each other, yes. But other than that, I expect no more. :) 

Besides, I don't feel like going out on that day. Too many couples dating and too many people on the streets, at the mall or restaurants and me not likey!!! 

The only good thing about this is I am always surprised with gifts I do not expect to come. Hubby gave me flowers last night when he got home early from work. :) 

No roses this time. :)
My baby Zombie made a card for me and hubby too!~


My 11 year old daughter also received gifts from her friends and suitors. WAIT? WHAT??? SUITORS???
Gaaah!~ >_< 
How come she have suitors??? NOT LIKEY!!!

I only got mums while she got 3 red roses and a couple of V-day gifts >_<

Kids these days! /rant/
If only I could stop her but that would really be so cruel, right? Oh, man!~ She's gaining attention from little boys now and what's next? She's growing up too fast and I am too scared for that! How do I handle it? hrrrr!~ Sorry if I'm ranting too much... The thing is, she's really big for her age but she doesn't act her age (she's still like a baby). And all of these extra attention from the little boys in her class might solicit a few questions from her that I might not be able to answer. Aaaaw, really, guys! Am I in trouble now? 


 I guess, I'm over thinking... *u* 
But hey! I'm a mother!~


I do not curse... Unless you forced me to. So please be nice. :)

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