Wednesday, April 4, 2012



I made my first batch of Lip Balm! Yay!~

YES! *banana dance*
I was soo happy! It was a success! ^_^
It was made of 1 part beeswax, 2 parts olive oil, 2 parts, sweet almond oil, 1 part honey to taste, one capsule of vit. E and a pinch of lipstick as colorant. And I was able to fill 7 pots and 5 tubes. Great isn't it? :) My sister was crazy about it since she's having problems with cracked lips. :) I think I'll be making more of this in a different flavor. 


The day after I made this, my cousin tagged me along to Divi to help her pick out some curtains and bed sheets for her room. I really wanted to shop too, but it's not a great timing due to my exhausted wallet. :( I had fun, though. :) I found this nice fabric stickers in one of the shops there.

It's a good addition to my craft materials and I could use it on my future projects. Geez!~ I hate to admit but... I have plenty of craft materials around the house. I haven't use most of them yet. GAWD! I'm becoming a hoarder!!! 

~WOOT!~ I also found this pair of irresistible false eyelashes!~ 

As I've mentioned in my post here, I'm dying to dress up again and have a proper shoot. If I'm lucky, I want a shoot with my friends. I really missed them... :(


After our house clean up project, I would start working on my dress. I am really excited!~ 

I gotta catch up... I'll see you around! ^_^ 

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