Thursday, May 31, 2012


I made these soap a couple of months ago...

I forgot to share it after it has been cured (4 wks). This is how it looks like now,

I've given some of them to my friends. :)

And the funny part was, they thought these were pastries and candies. :)
Well, can't blame them... They smell and look delicious! :)

I'll be posting the new batch of soap that I made a few days ago. Watch out!~


  1. How cool! I probably would have thought they were candies too XD
    I wish I could smell them!

    I tried making soap once with my sister. I can't really remember the process anymore as it's been over 8 years now I think. I think they turned out weird though. I don't know if we made them wrong or bought bad quality items.

    1. Hahaha well, maybe sometime in the near future I may be able to send my samples to my friends abroad, including you!~ ^_^ We'll see...

      Aaaaw... You might want to try using melt and pour soap. It's easy and quick. :)

    2. Awh! Thanks! I've been thinking of one day sendin you a few small things as well!

    3. We should be pen friends!~ yay! xD


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