Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I am a Juggler!~

Think it's time to share some good news... :)

My mind is not behaving well right now. So I decided to at least, show these photos to you just to give you a glimpse on what I have been doing while I was away. ^_^

The FQ
One of these young peeps is my son. :) They're now a regular performer on a midnight tv show. Things have been different since they started there. I believed they've improved and doing it better than before. I never thought that show business would be so much like a roller coaster ride. You get to meet a lot of people and some remain your friends and others become your instant enemy. In this field, one must possess determination and strength to keep moving on. We've been treated nicely but really... You'd be looked down no matter what. The worst thing is, those who would, were the ones that don't really matter. Like the marshals in the studio or the production assistants. People who don't really count. But we're forced to be nice to them just so they would treat our kids nicely. :| We have to smile all the time and be patient. Otherwise, their dream of becoming big would be at stake. Sad but true. 

Moving on...

I have been making these things and selling them on my page. :)

Bottle Cap Accessories :)
These and many more are available in my page. Though, as of the moment, I can't accept overseas orders.
Well, there are so many sellers elsewhere that sell these, too~ 

And finally...

My youngest daughter, Baby Zombie, playing soccer! Can you believe that???
I never took her questions about soccer seriously before. When she asked for a pair of cleats from her Grandma, I allowed her to have it because I thought it's just another pair of exciting shoes. Though, I entertain her curiosities and such, I NEVER expected anything more. You know how kids are. One moment they want this, next thing you know, they're tired and want something else. 
But I was damn wroooong!
She's serious about learning and playing and becoming a real soccer player one day. Seriously??? 
Well, that's for us to see. :) For now, she's enjoying the privilege of training for FREE here in our place. 
Thanks to their coach, who offers his knowledge and time for free. :) He said my baby Z has potentials. And I find it touching... You see, my girl is not like her sibs. She's smart in a very different way. Her attention span is so short especially when it's about academics. I'm not sure but we were advised to consult a behavioral pedia really soon. But knowing how expensive each session would cost makes me think twice. Oh well!~ 
I am hoping her training would help her learn to focus and be patient. :) 

Endless thanks to her coach.  

 He's been training kids who cannot afford to pay for EXPENSIVE training programs. His cause have been going on for quite a while now and has helped a lot of kids to pursue their dreams. And I do want to help him find sponsors for his less privileged kids. May it be in form of old cleats, balls, nets or cash or whatever you have in mind. Just ask me and I will lead you to him asap. 

I guess this is all for now. ^_^ It's FORTY WINKS time!~

See you in a few!~

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