Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's going on?

It has been quite sometime since I touched my blogger account. I became very busy with everything. Sorry, it's a lame excuse again... But as of this time, I am not ready to talk about it.

I often wonder, if i could find time to check my FB page, why not my blogger account? Perhaps, I have lost all the interest in writing down my daily rants. Or maybe, I find it redundant. Working as a full time homemaker and a part time online shop owner could be too much to handle for me. And I have to learn to prioritize. I wake up at 5 a.m. everyday. I attend to my kids' needs, then to my chores, if I'm lucky - I could go online and answer some queries and messages, then to my kids again and after a while back to my house chores - AGAIN! See? Everything is redundant!

But then I realized, I don't want to leave blogging just like that. I'll blog but this time, no pressure and only the things that could make me smile and feel the natural high.

And this made me want to start to write about my life as a Lolita.

From here, we'll start...


  1. Hi! Oh, indeed, it's been such a long time! I'm sorry I haven't send you a postcard since... well.. forever! But i think about you a lot! The things you sent me remind me of you all the time :)

  2. aaaaw, honey! thanks so much! i would really try to send some next week. i still have bunch of cards here.. just can't find time lately bcoz i'm taking up sewing classes. but i do miss my sweetest girls in MAF.. :) btw, u are also in my tumblr list.. *u* i'll see u around, dear... ~hugz~

  3. sewing classes sounbd pretty fun and i would love to read ur life as a lolita ^^ will u be posting coords?

  4. oooh... ms. naka! i'm so honored! :) thank you! i will be posting about coords when i'm there. as of the moment, my lessons are all about curtains. after our lessons on curtain making, we shall proceed to dressmaking. and i just can't wait! :)) i promise to post about them. so i hope you'll hang on! ^_^

  5. I want to say thank you for following my blog~!

    I hope we cane become good friends as well. I'm thinking I've seen you around before on the web. I'm actually from MAF > w <


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