Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The almost forgotten train case

not-so-old and dusty
This train case became a witness to many happy moments/events. It is kept hidden under my bed because Baby Zombie (my youngest daughter) might play with it. I recovered it last week when I decided to tidy up the room. Oh, poor thing! It was all covered with dust. :((

some makeup and brushes
These makeup and the train case itself was a gift from my mom last year. I used to carry them when I was still active in assisting my gay friend to makeup sessions during events/weddings/birthdays... Oh, I hope those makeup can still be used! :(

If makeup aren't so expensive, I would replenish this case right away!
Right now, I have to settle for Revlon, L'oreal, E.L.F., Markwin's and other drugstore brand... But... But... But... Those aren't cheap or affordable either! Here, it's still a luxury. I wonder why people are not liking them and see them as CHEAP brands! That's cruel! Revlon is my all time fave! I love their Colorstay line. And I remember buying my first Mineral Makeup from them. Trust me, if it says Colorstay, it really stays for a long time! :) 


  1. puahahahaaa!!! baby zombie?!!! jahahahaha!!! i remember i learned this is called a "kikay kit" from MAF, LOL! Revlon and E.L.F. are good ones!... hmmm i think i should buy some colorstay now that i read this hehe... ;) xoxo <3Emily

  2. thanks, love! yay! you have learned a lot! :)) I'm glad!

    yes, you should really try the Colorstay line. it's really good... and you get to save a lot $$$! :)) ILY, sissy!


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