Saturday, September 25, 2010

Busy as a bee

Yes, at this point, I'm like a bee! I love-hate it, though!

Look at my space!
Such a mess!
I hate looking at this photo! But somehow, this reminds me that I have to work, work and work! So I can afford that dream room makeover that I've been wanting for a long while... That is also the reason why I'm being stressed lately. I can't work the way I want and I have deadlines that makes me cram. :( I really don't know where to start! Aaargh!

Good thing, hubby took me out this afternoon to the thrift shop. Maybe he thought that it would help ease out the pressure. Aaaaw, sweet! :)) And look what I got!

These are just great finds! OMG! Super low priced stuffs are lurrrrve! Makes me happy!
So, I guess I have to go back to work now... Finish this one:
head dress! :)
Tomorrow, I shall meet my Loli friends because we'll go Lace Hunting! :) ~Yay!~

I hope there's a thrift store along the way... ^_^ Do you like thrift shopping, too?


  1. Such lovely finds.. Ive never tried thrift shopping.. it looks fun pa naman pero I dunno where / how to haha..

  2. @ ms. naka
    thanks! I wore them last weekend.. yay! nice pairs!

  3. @ jessica
    hyellow! aimishoo, bb! :)) how's everythin' going? ^_^

    sayang, kung alam ko lang na hindi mo pa na-try mag-ukay, sana pina-experience ko sayo nung andito ka.. andami pa naman mabibili na may brand pa. :) pag-uwi mo na lang... :))

  4. everythings fine, although medyo malungkot sa gabi kasi im all alone in the room and ive been sharing bedroom with my siblings for like 10+ years tas biglang mag isa nalang haha..

    Yay! Sige Ate Ill be expecting that hehe.. Sayang din we didnt get to meet man lang.. Next time, next time :)


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