Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Make up post

hyeloow! :)

All of you must have been wondering where I've been. I took a week long off from blogging, well, actually from Facebook-ing too! I am so sorry about this, my princesses! I had to deal with some business matters and visitors, kids, and many more. 
I had to craft and make new accessories all week, catch up on my sewing lessons and attend the Cosmania X event during the weekend last week. Until now I haven't recovered from all the stress but I had to blog something and make up for my long absence. 
SO, Monday last week, my dearest friend/daughter Jaja, came over with her boyfie. She brought along her portable sewing machine so we can have a sewing marathon and make an outfit for our upcoming event. She taught me how to take measurements, make patterns and sew the pieces together. Too bad, something went wrong with my machine. I guess, the elastic thread that I was trying to use has jammed and I had to stop for a while. Since I am no techie person, I don't know what to do and I got to take it to the repair shop sometime this weekend. *sigh* Lucky enough, I can use the high speed sewing machine in our school and get my teacher's help too! :)) I was able to finish my skirt after like 4 hours of non-stop sewing and ripping and sewing it again.
This is the only pic that I took.. will post some clear pic later.. :)
I received a lot of compliments while donning that skirt at the event. And the best part is, some asked if I can make one for them. Maybe, in the coming weeks, I'll be busy sewing skirts for these people. Yay! :)) 

Endless thanks to Jaja and my teacher! 

Watch out for my next post! ^_^

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