Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ^_^

Adorable - Airi Saitou
She's a Pullip Adsiltia and a regular customer of The Lunatix. She loves the hats that we made! :) No, we don't make top hats for dolls. It just so happened that our top hats can fit on to a Pullip Doll's head. See? :)) 

I hope to see more photos of you wearing the hats. And if I have more time in my hands, I will make more accessories ONLY for YOU! (I don't really accept MTO's but this girl is really irresistible!) 
Thank you so much! <3 ~hugz~


  1. Thanks Everyone! Don't worry I plan to order more hats/fascinators soon, I just have to make Airi new lolita dresses so that she can wear her new hat/fascinator in her new set of pics (when I have the time) :D

  2. @ ms. naka and jess

    she and her master are both adorable!!!


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