Friday, September 10, 2010


i'm having a hard time creating my posts! my keyboard is busted!

i'm using the on-screen one...

meanwhile, i have to get my butt moving so i can continue making new pillbox hats & other stuffs. here are some pics:
i made some eco bags for my pillbox hats
synthetic leather*
head dress
i crocheted the bow! :)
some chokers
so, i guess, i shall see you when i'm done and when i get a new keyboard!


  1. Awh! I hope you get a keyboard soon, that on-screen thing seems so difficult to use.

    Your creations seem wonderfully made! I had no idea you made these type of things. Are you making them for yourself? or do you sell them?

  2. i love the chokers and the headdress! thank you for the visit ^^

  3. @ mari

    yes, the on-screen kb delays everything.. :(

    thank you for the compliments! yes, i made them myself and sell them on conventions... :) i'll post more pics soon. ^_^

  4. thank you, ms. naka! i'm glad you liked it! :)


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