Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Late weekend report

yay! :))
I finally got my keyboard fixed! Now I can post and post and post! :)

So, how was your weekend? I've had a very busy one. Last Saturday, my friend, Jaja, invited me to join her in a convention in Manila. It was attended by so many students and anime/cosplay enthusiast. It was a lot of fun! :) 

I used to feel uncomfortable going to events like these. People would often ask you, "Excuse me? You're a character of what Anime?" Gaaaah! And I always thought, if Lolita is not cosplay, then why Lolitas go to cons? But where else would they go? I mean, people here in my place doesn't seem to appreciate Lolita. If people see you walking around wearing a frilly dress and bows in your head, they would most likely tease, humiliate, or call you names. That's the sad truth! And that's why some girls here who have just started trying Lolita would suddenly change their minds. They can't get used to ugly things like that. Err... I mean, who would? Right? Luckily, some managed to survive. I also want to survive! So, what the heck?! :)) And with this in mind, I can't help but to get excited - I can't wait for our Forum's 1st Anniversary Meet! Exclusively for Lolitas! ^_^

So much for the rant... ^_^ Anyway, here are some photos I took and some are grabbed from Jaja. :))

Girls flocked around Jaja's table :)

here's mine... :)
and then there's me! knitting while these cute girls looking around my space
and of course, Jaja. I took this photo! yay! :)

 The event was held in Intramuros, a great, old and very lovely place! I wish we could have a shoot there with my Lolita friends - SOON! :)

How about you? Did you have a busy weekend? :))


  1. cute photo ^^ the knitting looks like fun :3

  2. Looks like so much fun, wish I could've gone! Will you be at Anime Expo?

  3. @ ms. naka

    yeah, credits to Jaja. I didn't know that she took that photo. :) but I love it too! aaaw... she was fascinated when she saw me knit and that yarn was a gift from her. she just can't wait to see the scarf out of that huge yarn. :) btw, thanks for posting your tutorial on knitting bows and candies. I'll surely follow it. :))

  4. @ hkittygirl

    that took place here in the Philippines.. aaaw.. I really wish I could experience cons in your country. :) too bad, I will need so much effort and money and luck just to be able to visit US. :(

  5. Awh! I love how you had your own table! I hope to do something like that someday!

  6. @ mari

    it was the first time that i did something like that. i mean, having my own table at a fair. i usually consign my items to jaja and leave the rest to her. it was fun, though! :)) do you have plans of coming home? ^_^


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