Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dark as the deep blue sea

This is the first JSK that I made. 

And I wore this when we went for a vacay in Puerto Galera. I imagined myself walking along the white beach wearing something that has the color of the deep sea. But knowing me, I can't go far from black. Then that's how it all came together. :)

I wasn't able to wear my poof skirt because I am afraid of the attention that I could get from the people I might come across along the beach.
To wrap it up, the sewing experience was fun, the shoot was fun, the vacay was awesome. Only the lack of the petticoat is what's missing on this occasion. T^T 
Oh, well... There will always be next time. :))


  1. Again: WOW! *_* The dress is sooo beautiful! And so are the photos!

  2. I like that JSK a lot. I'm hoping to make my first JSK or OP soon as well.

  3. @ zeruda

    And Again: I'm inspired! :)) Thank you! ♥

  4. @ Dusk
    I'm glad to hear so.. And I'm gonna watch out for it! :)) Your choice of fabric are soo nice! :)) ♥ please let me know... thank you, darling!


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