Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcoming New Year

This is a bit late, I know. 

But this is soo important to me... :)

The photo above is me wearing the gifts that I have received from my loving online friends. I rocked out a Lolita dress during New Year's eve, and I thought of wearing them, too, for it complements the dress very well. The white ribbon brooch is from Zeruda, who I love soo much and inspired me a lot. And the necklace is from my very sweet friend/little sister at heart, Emily.Thank you, girls for everything. You're part of the blessing that I have gained in the past years. :))

The shoes...
from my mom ♥

Old folks believed that what you did on the first day of the year, you'll be doing it for the rest of the year and wearing something with dots can bring you good fortune. I want to be a better Lolita this year. A better artist of my own so called art. Of course, I want to earn and make it big this year, too. So I didn't think twice on wearing a polka dot OP for this event. Believing that both will bring me good things this 2011. And what better way to celebrate it? With family, loved ones and friends. Friends who also believe in you and appreciates you.

btw, that dress is also thrifted.. ^_^ lovely!
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Look who's looking all dolled up!
    May your everyday be like a New Year celebration. :)

  2. @ wilmy
    oooh! thank you! i hope you are too, my dear! :)) ♥

  3. @ ribka
    ♥ thankies, honey! ^_^

  4. YAY~ more loli times for mameh <333
    hmm, i cooked and baked at New Years. i think that's a good sign, HAHA!

  5. @ winter
    i'm really looking forward to it! and you + meki -- i want to taste your baked stuffs! ♥ *drools*


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