Thursday, January 27, 2011

Loads ands loads ofs works!

Yes! I indeed have a lot of work to finish! But I am aching to blog!

I have been wanting to write but couldn't find the time. No! Not the time, really. The peace. The silence. The moment alone. Those were what I'm missing. With so many people around and so many things to accomplish, how could I ever find the peace to write? ugh! There were many a  time when I tried to start typing what's on my mind, an event I've recently attended or a new dress I was able to finish sewing or, or, a good thrift find... But I always find myself staring blankly on a blank space in my monitor. And right now, right at this very moment, I am stuck with tons of paper works that is due first working day next week. WTF?!

Even my shop has been in hiatus for I don't remember for how long. My knitting and crochet projects are still sitting on my working table, undone. Some of the beaded jewelry I have started making needs immediate attention. RANT! RANT! RANT!

Gaaaawd! Please?! I'm aching to blog! Just this once!


I'm hoping that you'll bear with me in the coming days. I'll try to squeeze in blogging in my very tight schedule. I will share many stories, photos, crafts and whatever things. That's my New Year's Resolution, btw.. To become a better blogger. :)
(That part put a smile on my face! Tee-hee! ^_^)

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