Friday, January 28, 2011

Babies in the house

I noticed that I only got one entry last November. :( aaaw... That was when my PC started showing signs of wear. 

That was also the month when my love-cat Sakura gave birth to four kittens! :)) Yay!
Unfortunately, two of them didn't survive. :( The remaining two are still with us. I refused to give them away because I feel that they must not be separated. I'm worried that it might cause them depression. ??? Anyway, I want to share these photos of them to you, so that you will understand why we are all crazy about them. :)

meet Momoko and Ichigo! xD
see how they are inseparable? *u*

Their Mommy Sakura *u* (I think she needs a nursing bra)

adopted black kitty named Blackout xD

Ichigo = ♥ (she has darker coat and kind eyes)

Momoko = ♥ (has lighter coat and fierce eyes)

upper: Momoko playing Puss 'n Boots. lower: Ichigo as the Rider

They are absolutely adorable! omg! They are all around the house playing tricks and games with the kids. And even my Dadi Hubby don't want to give them away (even if you pay him munnies!). ^_^
I'm not really a cat-person but since I took care of Sakura, I learned that they are a lot better and easier to handle than anything else. They are so quiet and loyal, except that they don't make noise when there's somebody on the door. :)

Btw, I got their names from the two lead characters of the movie Kamikaze Girls. I can't think of any better names so I thought that it would be nicer if I call them with names that are easier to remember. Ichigo has a darker coat and she's waaaay sweeter than Momoko (who has the lighter coat). Momoko is a whiner. :) But both of them are smart and funny. xD

I guess, that's it for now... They are now hungry and needs bath. I will be back later! :)


  1. Aww, they are adorable! And their names are too cute to be true <3


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