Saturday, January 29, 2011


One of the best thrift find of my life! ♥

Brand: Lolita in Touch
 I wore it during Jaja's Atelier opening. And almost everyone's jaw dropped! :) 
The event was really successful and I am very happy for my friend, Jaja. She's finally being able to achieve her dreams and reap her rewards. I believe that she deserves whatever she has right now. She's not only talented but a very awesome person inside and out. 
Btw, this is how her Atelier looks like...

That red dress is calling out my name! :)

It's all covered in pink and it's cuuute! :)
If you have queries, you can visit her Tumblr blog here and her Facebook account here. She accepts overseas orders and custom made Lolita dresses and such. 
♥ ♥ ♥

just awesome... :)


  1. Heehee. i love your dress too. and i agree, jaja deserves it. <3

  2. your dress is soooo pretty *_* and congrats to jaja! ^^

  3. @ winter
    thanks for dropping by and following back! :))

  4. @ zeruda

    zomg! thank you for swinging by! :) it's the best find and so far, my fave! ♥


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