Saturday, January 29, 2011

Me saves, saves me!

In a lot of blogs that I've visited, read and followed, there was one common topic most of them have discussed: Saving!

Most of these blogs tackled money saving tips for every Lolita and I find them all helpful and agreeable. 
Now, the spotlight is on me.

How do I manage to save? Yeah, I have kids. Yes, Lolita lifestyle is expensive. Yeah, all these and that! Now what?

Before I started going into this very expensive hobby, I studied and read a lot about how to go into it without hurting my pocket. And lucky me, I found two ways of coping up. Thrift shopping and learning how to sew. Shopping is a lot easier than the latter one. But because I thought of my two daughters, I managed to learn how to sew. Then I got so hooked on it that I can't resist the urge to pick up a thread and start working. It's soo addictive! I imagined the things I can do with sewing and how my family could benefit from it. Each and every time that I work on something, I feel the tickle in my heart and that was one joyous feeling I could not exchange for anything. Naaah! Sounds cheesy? Oh, well! Perhaps only dressmakers like me can decipher the meaning of my words. If you're not, don't even try. Your nose might bleed. :))

Back to saving topic, mixing and matching outfits is also one good way to create a new look out of old, ordinary clothes. Putting on some accessories could also add up to get a new look. To be able to save on accessories, you may also want to try making your own. You don't need to buy tons of stuffs to make one. You can actually make one from your old axxes and some scrap materials that you might have in your closet for a long while. Using old materials makes the look more classic and sometimes elegant. If you can crochet or knit, try looking for easy patterns that you think you can make and that you can coordinate with your dress. Like a flower brooch or a choker. I used to do that, too. :))

Truly, there are countless ways of saving up. Everything depends on how you handle it. Lolita is not all about how much money you spend on your dress, even though it's a very expensive hobby. Creativity is the key. I would prefer to add a personal touch on each dress that I wear. And through this I am able to express my love for arts and crafts and of course, Lolita.
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Tell me your story! :)

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