Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Happiness

Oh, well! ^_^

Today is not just any Monday but it's Valentine's Day! ~woot!~
So, how did you celebrate yours? Mine wasn't as exciting since Hubby is off to work for the graveyard shift. We just stayed at home and watched "The Tourist". Had Bubble tea and burger, too! n_n omnomnom!
*That clutch bag ring on my finger is my latest luuurve! ♥

*so sorry I wasn't able to take photos of the burger*
Dadi Hubby ate it quick and it's gone before I knew it! :)
The Tea Gallery is located near our crib - I'd say near though the tricycle ride might cost me munnies! But I think it is worth visiting since it's the only tea house I know in our area. AND they have the best price ever!!! *roooarrr!* That Bubble tea up there is a Strawberry Milk Shake Flava and it's only Php40.00! Php40.00! ohmyeffingosh!!! I've spent Php120 or so for a tall glass of bubble tea at *tut-tut*. I thought it was fair enough since not many resto's or coffee shop offers great tasting tea or bubble tea. Their place is a bit small but really cozy. I'm thinking of inviting my dolls here one day. I hope the manager won't mind if we'll arrive and dressed in Lolita. Hohoho! =D But I am seriously worried if we'd fit in the place? Our skirts are too poofy! LOL! But yeah, we can enjoy our tea outside for they have an umbrella and a number of seats/tables for their customers right in front of the place. I will surely come back soon and try everything on the menu. The only regret that I have is that I didn't take lots and lots of photos to accompany this post. *facepalm* I'm too shy to do so! I'm sorry... Btw, here's their Facebook fan page: Tea Gallery

You see? My V-day wasn't really exciting. I'm not complaining. Everyday for me is Heart's Day! 
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. There isn't 'I hate Monday' syndrome for today because of Valentine's Day lol :D

    Happy Valentine's Day ♥♥♥
    Me too! It wasn't really exciting :(

  2. aaaw... yes that is true! ^_^ I always make it a point to make my Mondays happy. it's the start of the week for me and I believe that happy Mondays makes happy Fridays! ~♥

    Happy Valentine's Day, my dear! ♥


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