Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recent creations

I am not certain if I can sell these but I am hoping I could. It has been quite a while since I last updated my online shop and now I am having such a hard time coming back from the long hiatus. Last year was fruitful because I was able to join a lot of conventions with my friend, Jaja. Each time we were at those events, we were able to make it big. But I was not able to update the shop anymore due to busy schedule. I needed more time to make top hats, trinkets, attend sewing classes, and perform household duties. Right now, I am done with my sewing class but I still want to go through advance lessons so I can master my craft. But the school does not allow that anymore. I am trying to persuade my teacher to coach me one on one but she still need to think about it, because, like me, she is a mom and a wife with a very busy life outside her work. Well, I just hope we could fix that so I can finally be able to say that I am worthy to be called the seamstress

Anyway, here are some of my latest projects. 

~This, I have designed and sewn!~

I modified this one. It was an ankle length skirt. :3
Both have elastic waistbands and really have a lot of room for your petticoat. I used 2 petti's for my dummy and it really looked good with the poof on. :3 

I also made three chokers. Actually they are five but I still am not sure about the other two. I guess I have to edit my work because I do not want customers complaining after they have made the purchase. 
So here they are...

Butterflies and a rose

Musical notes and hearts

The stars and a G-clef
All the pearls are just faux pearls yet they look shiny and it costs a lot than the ordinary ones. 

Now, I'm thinking... Am I ready for this - AGAIN? :) Well, I hope so... ♥


  1. I love your creations--they're so pretty and unique. ^^ Good luck with your selling endeavors!

  2. oh my! thank you for the sweet words! ♥ I'm more inspired...


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