Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New inspiration - RUMORS!

I have been wanting to write but whenever I try, I end up staring blankly on my monitor and then cancelling my draft. Good thing I was able to write for EFL earlier. It was tough. I wanted to write down all the things that's been running through my thoughts. But I can't. I kept telling myself, "You are old enough for that. Don't give them the satisfaction that they wanted. Keep your cool. Etc..." From the start, I have heard of rumors that EFL is being bashed and ridiculed by some people who are so intrigued or more so, jealous(?). Which at first, really made me sick. Unfortunately, I can't bash them back because I am often reminded of my Mom's teachings. If you can't say anything good, just keep your mouth shut. And in this case, I can't promise to sugar coat every word that I want to say. So, I'd rather stay calm and reverse the effects of the rumors to me. Instead of saying not so nice things to them, I managed to finished a post. It may not directly hit them but I can say that if one is intellectual enough, they'd read between the lines and catch the hidden meaning of my words.

Anyway, those are just words... I cannot be affected of such cruelty. I am resilient, I know that. And I have to be. I chose this, so I'll have to deal with it's consequences.

For the Nth time, I want to remind you. The more bricks you throw upon us, the more blessing we get. Keep them coming and I'd be glad to accept them. Thank you very much! ♥


  1. *cracks knuckles* If anybody is bothering you, just tell your very own Wilmy.

    And remember, when people hate you, they secretly envy you. More power to you! ;)

  2. Hahaha oh, dear! that one made me ROTFL! I love you, Wilmy dear!

    And yes, I believe that too. :) I'm dealing with young brats this time, my friend. Kids on the internet these days are fierce and ill-mannered. Well, not all, but these are like a pack of untrained dogs(?) Anyway, thanks for the well wishes! ♥

  3. Let dogs bark and continue doing your thing. :)


  4. I am so loving it! hahaha Thanks again! I'm feeling better now! ^_^ *hugzyouback*

  5. I guess you'll prove them wrong eventually! I still haven't gotten a grip of this EFL to be honest, but I'm very curious about it and I wait for you and Jaja to lead me to find out :) maybe those people don't know what EFL is really about either, but you'll show them :) There will always be people like that, and there is no point in trying to please everyone, because it's simply not possible! I just wish those people who weren't interested could leave us who are interested alone.

    Take care!

  6. @ Zeruda
    Thank you for taking the time, dear! And thank you for believing in us! The saddest part of this is... well, I'd rather tell you all about this in the mail. It's kinda sensitive. But I really appreciate your support. Someday, the truth about them shall come out.

    Thank you very much! ♥


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