Sunday, March 20, 2011

Getting used to fun times

The past week had been all hectic and filled with worthwhile activities for me. I had to attend some important matters with my shop and other related stuffs. All of them were quite successful and I am really happy about it! ♥

during the Grad Mass
I have also attended my son's Graduation Mass last Friday and the fun part was I brought Jaja along! :) Yes, she spent two days here in our house, since we have a lot to furnish regarding EFL and some sewing plans. But we ended up chatting the night away as if we haven't been together for ages. LOL!
I guess taking her with me to my son's school is not quite a great idea for a recreation. But she happily accepted the offer and as a treat, I took her to my favorite tea house near my place. I am glad that she found the place awesome and she liked the bubble tea that we have ordered.

Notice the hair?


I wanted to grab that book of desserts but I'm afraid I might ruin the table setting. :)

some magazines*

the facade*

yummy fried rice*
Shoes of the day: Christian Siriano flats ♥
We stayed there for a while, ate heartily and chat endlessly. She was the one who took most of the photos using my cam. The service crew was generous enough and gave us sampler shots of their Iced Latte. (*Geez! I can't find the photos..) It is always fun to get freebies! :) 

She decided to go back to her house that day and promised to return next week. Then I am left with tons of clothes to press for the next day. It's my son's graduation day. 

I wonder what to wear? ^^

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