Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dragging People into Her own Drama

This is a response to the post written by this person..

Weird that she was under the impression that a certain entry of mine was an actual reply to her comment and Ricah Haruna's, when I didn't even bother to post it in EFL itself. I would have probably done it if I wanted it to be sensationalized.

While this person clearly pointed out that the comments she and her friend left on Jaja's thread on EGL was the core of the discussion — and that no one bothered to address it. Oddly, it has lost sight of its objective at the end of the post. Suddenly, it's all about Jaja's works — when it didn't even seem to pertain to the issue. Now, who has got underlying intentions for creating unnecessary drama? Have you forgotten, you are the Drama Queen? Was it still about your perspective to EFL? or it's simply about Jaja?

Even before this whole thing came out
Morena/ Dark women wearing poorly bleached hair.  - What an outdated remark. Does racism still exist today?

It's no secret to the local community that Jaja has been buying clothes from thrift shops as she often shares her thrift finds in her blogs. I buy from thrift shops too and lucky to have found few good Lolita stuffs that I didn't personally label as Lolita. Stuffs from Lolita in Touch and Ana House. Also from Gothic Lines such as Dracula Clothing and Spider. No one tried to hide it, so I actually couldn't see the point of your statement.  I'm sure, you would agree with me when I say, there's nothing wrong with buying clothes at thrift stores, right?????

If you were just really concerned about the buyers concerns, then why you always stick your nose in everything Jaja does?  Even before all these things came out — before, it's your blah blah about the group she created The Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community  and now it's The Earth Friendly Lolita Project. You always have a "say" in every little thing that involves Jaja. You still have a "say" even if she chose not to respond. Perhaps, your issues are just about Jaja, it's always been about her, nothing less, nothing more. There's a root cause behind your sentiments. Enough of your crap reasoning that: You only want the best for Philippine Lolitas. Now who's starting to sound like a dirty politician? Had it been a different person, would you care? I think, not. If we were to play the victim. Then perhaps you wanna be called: The Heroine of Philippine Lolitas. I find it totally irrelevant to the issue at hand. You just wouldn't stop finding fault in her. To prove that you're far better. If you really believed so, then why do you always have to prove yourself at her expense? I hope by continuing bashing other people, you can get a little sense of your so called "self-worth." I guess, you should thank Jaja, if not for her, your so-called passion for Lolita could have died a long time ago. Shallow competition rules your life.

While you always point your fingers to people that can't take criticisms or others opinion.
Evidently, your words contradict your own actions.

Being the co founder of Earth Friendly Lolita Project has gotten me involved on her boundless issues with Jaja. You see it's just about Jaja. For that reason, this is the last time I am posting regarding that matter. She certainly have issues, which surely isn't about EFL alone. With that said, I'm done here. I do have a life outside this. :)


  1. I could die laughing at the "drama queen" part. You are so right! How could old people from her "Lovelace Lolita" days forget where she nearly went ballistic when somebody called her a SCAMMER, for failing to send commissioned works on time, not to mention, it had been almost a year (READ: A YEAR!) since they paid for those, but then she never cared to offer a refund. It just happened that one of them was a good friend of Jaja and that Jaja was a seller too. She then came up with another drama, of course to say her alibis that people should understand her because she's ill and got depressed of something. That's drama to the core!

    You should have included that for people to know where she's coming from. I happen to know her back from those days. People from her page do not know such stories exist behind her current drama

  2. As far as I know, the prettiest outfits she wore were sewn by a seamstress, not her. While she never denied it she also didn't mind to correct the people who actually thought it was hers. Taking pride of others hard work. Modifying something doesn't mean you actually made it.

    I'm sure Alexander Mcqueen would rise from his grave to hear his works are being compared to smock dresses that just come in different colors and fabrics. :))

  3. @Lei
    Probably creating drama is her way of addressing her mess with clients.

    Can I just laugh at the Alexander part? XD

    We stick with our decision that none of us will ever reveal EFL's purpose just for her sake, but only for people who have accepted it without underlying intention.

    BTW, her friend liked it! Isn't that sweet?

    Oh and I need to add, who's attacking who?

  4. I followed everything in here. And it is so amusing for me. :) How did she get the impression that she is being attacked when it is her who attacked you guys first? I should know! I saw her post in her Plurk account about the EFL project. She is so stupid not to realize that this is not about the EGL post. LOL! And her new post which she labeled as "Lowest of the low" - WOW! That's really funny! Who's the lowest of the low now? And the girl who commented that this is not racism? How stupid is that? Don't they know that by simply calling someone "NEGRA" is already being racist? Does racism only applies to other races and not your own? Now they are talking about poorly bleached hair. Oh, she's got friends with poorly bleached/colored hair too! @_@ Things have really gone this far just because she is so obsessed with everything Ms. JajaNeko does! And to think that Ms. JajaNeko doesn't even bother to say or do anything against her?! Hahaha She's such a sweet talker because I can see that in her fan page! She's trying to sweet talk everyone out so that her stupid fans will sympathize with her. Isn't that weird? Now, may I ask her, where are her friends now? Surely, they've changed their minds! Hahaha See? Even the post in EFL was "liked" by her friend! She's playing safe now, isn't she? Hahaha Oh, you girls go on with the EFL thing! I wish you all the best! Don't mind them because they're only focused on themselves!

  5. I was a fan of dolldelight because my friend asked me to like her page because she was joining her contest. I already unfan because I've served my purpose and I was not sure if she's really the type of person that girls supposed to look up to. I couldn't take anymore seeing her sh*tness everyday on my newsfeed. She's using her fans to deal with her personal issues. And what makes it even worse is some of her fans really feed her ego. You can't blame these fans though because the idol herself will hit back on them if they disagree with her. There is simply no room on her fan page for other's opinion other than the kind of opinion she has.

    I honestly think that dolldelight has psychological problems. With her way of catching attention, she is sick in the head!


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