Monday, March 7, 2011

Uninvited Guests

Who would have ever thought that a certain post of mine could spark such commotion? which has led people here — definitely the last people whom I would want to visit my blog. They even tried to leave traces that sad to say, went all down to my spam folder.

Let me clarify few things here, this is my site, therefore I'm entitled to vent on how I feel on a certain matter. I do love to hear comments from my friends here, but not from the people whom I do not even remember talking to before, not even once. You don't leave comments anywhere just because you're too paranoid.

Seriously, I don't get it, why the hell would anyone even bother to ask about something, if they thought it was pretty worthless, if not to be just plain nasty? And why would I even bother to answer questions from very negative and discouraging individuals?

It seems that some people are up to live in this world to make a "big fuss" out of every "little thing". Why bother to stress yourself out spreading unsolicited comments or advice. Couldn't anyone just be a Lolita as long as they're happy being one? "The Lolita lifestyle is bent on beauty, luxury, and extravagance" — as someone blatantly pointed out so often to the community. Well, your highness, I would love to see how extravagant and luxurious your life is, beyond the pictures — if that's what you mean. These are the people that seem so focused on what they dislike rather than what they could like about a thing. So over taken with emotion in regards to fashion. Sadly, “trash talk” is an inevitable part of life for far too many people. It lifts their spirits up. They want to show the whole world how perfect they are to camouflage the inferiority within themselves. And with that attempt, the display has become too "ostentatious".


  1. Who is she ba? Talking about extravagance. Mayaman ba yan??? Baka she herself could not even live up to her own bigoted standards. Talking about lifestyle. haha

  2. Hi, Cathy! Thanks for swinging by! Oh, well! Whether she's rich or the real "skwater" that she keeps on talking about, I could care less. The point is simple, mind your own business. :)


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