Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some wants...

Lately, I am getting less interested in some stuffs... It feels like I am looking for something different. Doesn't necessarily have to be OTT but just... a bit different. It is hard to explain things that runs through your mind. I am not really good in describing my thoughts. Maybe, these photos could help. :)

Those pairs are to die for! It's only $5! Isn't that too much of a good news? Geesh! I would try to get them soon! :) Sockdreams has a lot of cutesy items. Better visit their site to know more!

Ooooh, vintage-y bags! ^_^ They are from Momaboma! The best thing about them is they're made from recycled materials! Need I say more? 

Piano Key Scarf
I am itching to crochet again. And I want to make this Piano Key Scarf. It looks easy but I saw its pattern and realized that it's not. :(( BUT, I'd like to take it as a challenge! When I saw RandomLolita's blog post about her Piano Tote Bag Tutorial, it reminded me that I saw a similar design of a scarf at Crochet Spot. Maybe... Maybe, this summer vacation... I can try. ^_^ *good luck to me!

wow crowns!
I want to try them for a change! These crowns are made to order, I believe. You can find it at Suppurate System website. I always make my own head pieces but I am not good with wires and metals, that is why I can't make my own. Plus, my palms sometimes get sweaty. That's a big problem for a crafters like me. I wish I could find a solution or a cure for that. :(

I still have a long list of my recent wants but it might bore you. Perhaps, I'll write about it again some other time. Meantime, I need to get back to crafting and finish my recycled project for EFL. ♥

Ciao for now! ♥


  1. Mami~ Red with white polka dots scarf! :3

  2. Great idea! *nyaaaao~ I have to find a pattern for that! ^_^ We'll see, baby Meki-luvs! ♥ It's quite hard to find red yarns that'll suit "your" taste. Most of what I see are in somewhat maroon. I'll try looking in stores at Divi. xD hehehe

  3. I love those socks! If only there were a pattern for that. ^^ I'd knit a pair for every day of the week.

  4. OMG! You can knit socks??? You're amazing! ♥ I wish I could do that too! :>


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