Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today my daughter's birthday! Smiley

She had a fun pizza and pasta party at school earlier.
AND, she agreed to wear the cutesy dress that I bought for her! Smiley*Praise Heavens!
How I wish the dress is mine...
She's not the girly girl type. She plays with boy's toys and always runs around.

Her new toys! :)
Her favorite character: Ultimate Humungousaur
Most of all, she doesn't like dresses! I asked her once if she wants to become a princess but she said, "No. I want to become a knight!" Smiley
Okaaay... I know that some of you might say that maybe she's a lesbian. If so, then let it be. BUT, if not, thank you! It's too early to say, isn't it? And I don't see anything wrong with that. I am trying to raise them the best way I could so they won't be a burden to anybody. ^_^ And the way I see it, she's far from becoming so. 
She's a bit uncomfortable, I guess...
Anywaaay... all went well today. I am glad that she's happy with everything she have right now. We're supposed to visit the Manila Ocean Park but they still have school and our weekend is reserved for the Earth Hour activity plus our Church wedding Anniversary on Sunday. Smiley
I am the busy queen bee again! Can I buy time? :)

Oh well... I'll see you in a few!~ ♥


  1. Your daughter sounds absolutely awesome, she does XD She's just like I was when I was a kid XD Always "stealing" my brother's toys because I found them way cooler then all the dolls and stuff I got from my parents XD Hehe. Happy Birthday to her! =D

  2. I miss brushing Adi's hair FUUUU Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Most of my friends, Lolita or not, have said almost the same thing! WOW! ^_^ It's amazing to know that most girls I know were a little boyish when they were really young. Well then, I have nothing to worry about. :)) Thanks for the greetings! ♥

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter!
    The dress is so cute. I wish I could see her face clearly lol XD

  5. Aw, let her be who she want to be ♥ Nobody should be forces to dress in a special way or play with a certain toy just because of the gender. I had both dolls and cars among my toys as a kid ^^ And i only wore dresses for special occasions ^^
    Happy birthday to your sweetie! ♥

  6. @Ribka
    Thank you for the greetings! Aaaaw.. I'm so sorry about the covered face... I just can't trust some strangers that might steal my daughter's photos. ♥ Maybe someday I will post one. ^_^

  7. Aww, so cute! And it's fine. I was a tomboy too- I even joined the military when I turned 17. But now I'm deeply immersed in lolita and I'm becoming a house wife for my wonderful husband! xD

    Happy Birthday to your daughter. :D

  8. @ Zeruda
    You're right! That's what I've been telling some of my relatives. Gender should never be an issue especially when you're raising kids. I want them to learn to respect people regardless of gender, race, social status, etc. Thanks to my mom, she taught me things like that. ^_^ I'm just passing it on to them. :))

    Thank you soo much for the greeting, dear! ♥

  9. @ meki
    Her hair is always soaked with perspiration! Hahaha xD Thanks, dear! *hugz*

  10. @Winsome
    ^_^ aaaaw... thank you for dropping by! and thanks for the greetings! When I saw your photos, I couldn't believe that you used to be in the military. So pretty you! ♥

  11. happy birthday to her! wish your family all the best. :)


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