Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That one dress...

You may have noticed the gray dress that I was wearing in the EFL header pic. That dress was supposed to be for sale but I just couldn't let it go. It was made by my teacher and was based on my body measurements since any standard medium sized dress or any clothing fits me perfectly. And because we are planning to sell it in the first place, she used the smocking technique for the back part of the bodice, so it would fit medium built ladies with a little bigger boobs than mine. I just added the details to it so it would look complete and quite loli-ish. 

Ooooh! How I love its drapes! ♥
*Sorry for the not-so-nice photo... I forgot to remove the top hat head band before taking this photo. >.<

What I love about this dress is the side drapes on the skirt part. I added tiny bows to it to make it more appealing. ^_^ The bottom frills were minimal and the whole dress has a cotton fabric lining. It's edges were over locked to avoid fraying and oh! It's fabric is more like a chiffon, very suitable for the hot weather here. :)) Here's the detailed pic.

That bow on the bodice part is detachable. 
The bows, laces, flowers and top hat were all made and/or added by me. :) 

As for the top hat, I followed Jaja's tutorial on making a Lolita accessories out of a plastic bottle. BUT, the plastic bottle that I chose wasn't as sturdy as the one she have used. Mine was a thinner type of plastic bottle and it tends to melt easy. I failed to finish the complete set. :( But anyway, I was able to finish the top hat so, it's okay, I guess. xD Next time, I'll try to make another one using a different bottle, of course. :) 

I'm still thinking hard if I'd sell it or not. Or, maybe, I should just pay my teacher for her hard work on this dress. >.< 

By the way, Jaja have not yet released the whole photo set of this shoot. I will post more as soon as she release them. ^_^

Gotta go to bed now! See you around! ♥

Us!~ ♥ It was windy and my hair was a mess! ugh! >.<


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