Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Envelope Ideas

Do you do this to your book to remember or mark the last page that you're reading?
Folding the corner of the page of your book can lead to its deterioration.
Wonder what to do with these old envelopes?
Let's turn these old envelopes into something that can make you avoid folding the pages of your book!

* envelopes from old letters or past utility bills 
* glue (craft glue, hot glue)
* your choice of embellishments 
* scrap laces, ribbons and such
* pair of scissors
* creativity and patience xD

Cut out the corners of your envelope. I chose to make a triangle shaped bookmark, but you can also make a square.

Make sure to seal them with a dab of glue.
I also cut out the other parts of the envelope. It would be a waste if you'll just throw them away.

Now, we'll start adding some embellishments!

Remember: You can use a hot glue but make sure that you'll only use small amount. It's too bulky!
If in doubt, use clear craft glue. It's better but it takes a while before it dries up. 
This is the fun part! Decorating! Most of the laces/ribbons I used are scraps.
Be creative! Add some small beads, buttons, or some scrap booking leftover materials.
Almost done! Check if you can spread it open... 
And... Ta-daaah! xD

Triangular page markers for your most loved books!
Longer ones for larger books.
How to use them:

Insert it on the corner (or in the middle, for larger books) of the page you want to mark.

See? Even in the smallest of things, we could find ways to recycle. The point is to minimize our trash! We get to enjoy crafting too! :) These small things are also great to give away to your friends who, like you, loves to read! Start working on your own now and show off your creativity. Just in time for the celebration of the Earth Day on the 22nd of April! Save the date, okay? :)


NOTE: I do not claim to own this tutorial as my original idea. I'm sure I have seen this in one art show on TV but it was years ago. I tried so hard to remember the name of that show but I am really sorry, I can't. If you happen to know who originally made this, please do let us know. And I would be more than glad to link you back. Thanks!


  1. Oh wow! I also do that and it doesn't look nice on the boo pages. I have no page markers, this motivated me to make one :D

  2. Yay!~ Thanks, Sara! Making your own is a lot better than buying new ones. You get to save 3 things if you make your own: your book, the paper itself and your money! :3 Isn't that great? :)

    Please don't forget to show it to us if ever you're going to make one for yourself. *hugz!

  3. You're sooo creative!!!! They're really pretty!

  4. So lovely! Your bookmark idea sort of inspires me to read books again. I've been spending too much time in front of the PC, haha!


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