Friday, June 17, 2011

More Caffeine, please?

I wasn't able to post our International Lolita Day meet up happenings on time. *me too lazy?!* Anyway, Jaja was able to tell you about it in her blog. I guess that you already know what really happened that day. Just to recap, the event took place at my favorite coffee shop (that's within the neighborhood), too near for me but really far from most of my guests. But they've managed to arrive safe. All of the girls were in their lovely dresses that stunned my neighbors! @_@ It's the first time they've witnessed such gathering! *cough* Pardon their *cough* ignorance *more cough* 

We're supposed to have a tea party but DANG! Only few of these girls enjoy hot tea. If it's a bubble tea then it'll be okay with them. Too bad, my favorite tea shop is a bit far from here and there's no easy way that all of us could get there since we weren't able to rent a car. I am glad that they all agreed that we do it here in this very nice coffee shop nearby. Also, this is where I used to sit to while away two long, boring hours of my daughter's summer lessons in tennis. Mind you! Their products are low priced but the taste! THE TASTE - isn't cheap! 
Here are some snap shots I took before the event.

Located in front of the village clubhouse. Not really hard to find, eh?
I luuurve to sit here!~ ♥ 
This area is turned into a stage for acoustic nights, usually on weekends.
coffee mug napkin holder and ash tray half filled with ground coffee beans. I can see recycling here!~
*cold choco shake and my fave pepperoni bread stick!*
YUM!~ Sorry! No pics of my fave Iced Cappuccino.. 
Few shots during the event.
Dear Roca during the ILD...
That's Izh and me (I wore my stripey set and oooh! I love it!) and the fan! LOL xDDD
I don't have much photos to share since I was the hostess and am really busy keeping track of the girls who fought hard with the traffic just to make it here. Thanks, by the way! :) 

To wrap it up, the event was successful, fun and really memorable for me! I hope we can do this again soon. Even if it's not ILD, even if it's just an ordinary day, right? :) Who needs an occasion? We can have fun any day, all day long! As long as our pockets permit! Ayt? xDDD 

So here's the last photo, I grabbed from a dear friend.
*heartmelts* ♥
Now, I am aching for a shot of caffeine... Gotta go!~


  1. You look great! I really love your outfit!
    And I'm a coffeholic, but now I just want a chocoshake XD

  2. Yay!~ Thanks for dropping a line! ^_^ And thank you for the compliment! XD I'm glad you liked it! Chocoshake is too irresistible. I like it too. ♥


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