Friday, June 17, 2011

Coming back...

Before I started writing this entry, my heart was beating fast and there were like thousands of butterflies fluttering in my stomach. It was like writing my first post again. It has been a long time... I have been checking this blog from time to time but I just couldn't find the will to write something down. *sigh* So, I hope this time I could return to my usual blogging habits. 

What's keeping me busy lately?

A lot of things!~

> kids and their schooling
> a bunch of unfinished sewing projects
> rainy days
> Pet Society >.< (Yeah! I still play that thing!)
> trying to earn some money
> family matters
> depression
> coffee!
> my cat that have just given birth to 4 lovely, unusual kittens
> playing around with Roca, our cuuute shih tzu pup!
> some shopping ~lalala
> the dishes
> house cleaning
> and more other nonsense stuffs 

Four little kittens of my looovely cat Sakura!~
~♥~ The only white one. Her tail is really short. *mine!~  Odd but still lovely!~
~ My sister's playful pup, Roca! ~
Ohai, sewing machine!~ ♥
More stories about this on my next post!
Oh well... Most things mentioned aren't really something or might not mean anything to anyone. But, yeah.. I am trying to slow down a bit lately... One day, boredom will strike back at me and I am left alone again with blogging. I just feel so full of things to do and because I do, I don't really know what I should do first!!! My tasks are overwhelming! UGH!!! 

I'll try to come back again for updates. I still feel I owe you more stories and that I should make up for my looong absence. 
I'll see you around! MMMUAH! ♥

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