Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Forever a dream

Since I started loving Lolita fashion, I was almost crazy about the major brands like BTSSB, AP, Metamorphose, Mary Magdalene, Innocent world and the likes. I always check on their websites to see what's new or hot. I dream about purchasing from any of them one day. And imagining myself wearing such adorable coordinates and passing them on to my daughter just like some heirloom piece that I once owned. But then again, I'd quickly snap back into reality (which saddens me somehow) that I cannot afford to get one of these almost priceless pieces. *SIGH~ It really sucks to be broke... 

So, I said to myself to stop dreaming for a while and focus on making something for myself that would satisfy my cravings for Lolita dresses and such. And at least do something that wouldn't hurt my wallet that much. I gotta improvise. Then I learned how to sew. I learned how to make things that I never thought I could and would. Now, I don't ache that much but I know you would ask if I still yearn for brands. The answer is, YES! Of course and why not? xD From time to time I still check on their pages just to see what is new or whatever is on sale or simply to look for some inspiration. 

BTSSB recently released their new items for sale and only a few pieces surprised me. Some were just somewhat redundant or rather too much. Maybe it's just me. I'm just not a fan of anything OTT because if I have to choose, I would wear Lolita on a daily basis. So, I'd rather be more careful with my choice. I cannot pull off OTT types too. :( That's why the dresses that I have sewn were "safely" styled and could be worn regularly.

Going back to BTSSB's new items, I find these two dresses appealing. :)
Opera Bouquet JSK
Garret Scarlet OP
Very classic and elegant!~ PLUS I love the cut especially the Opera Bouquet JSK! The Garret Scarlet OP would be very nice for taller girls, I think. :)

Next up are these pieces from Alice and the Pirates... They're not part of the new releases but still I am bedazzled by the design and the fabric print. Look! 
Queen's Coach OP
Dance of the Black Cats JSK
If I am to own only one, I would choose the Queen's Coach OP. It's just so me! ^_^ The JSK is also something but the bodice part is a bit awkward. Maybe it's the shape of the sleeves. This would be very good for girls who have broad shoulders. But I find the print really fascinating! (I like musical notes so much! ^_^) I think Bodyline has almost the same print, right? Only this one from Baby is much detailed and of course whatever one can say - it's still Baby! :)

Even though I design and make my own Lolita clothes, I don't (and I won't) deny the fact that I still look up to these brands for inspirations and still dream about them. I might not be able to own one but I'd forever be thankful to them for inspiring girls like me. Owning one of their dresses could be forever a dream but who knows? *hahaha Perhaps, one day I could or would... 
Perhaps... :)

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