Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hair and skin problems

I asked my niece to take a photo of my hair a few minutes ago... And this is how horrible it looks!

It was permed last October :>
It has dry, really dry ends and the color sucks! I need to get a treatment a new hairstyle and I would need around a hundred dollars to get it done! And what sucks the most is I am really broke right now. -_- Ugh! 

I have a scheduled shoot barely 2 weeks from now... And with my hair looking like this --- I don't know if I can do it! 

Aside from that, my skin needs some fixing too. I have been dealing with uneven skin tone in facial and arms area for too long. That's due to prolonged sun exposure every time I take my kid to school. I am not complaining about my skin color. In fact, I love it and most people say it's really nice. I know. :) I just want it to look really clear and clean. :) I tried using sunblock creams for my face and lotion for my skin but that doesn't seem to help. My dermatologist told me that I cannot use cream based products because I have oily skin. She recommended a gel type sunblock but then again... I"M BROKE! Aaaargh! 

They say when it rains, it pours. TRUE! haha xD Oh well!

Question: How do you deal with your hair and skin problems?


  1. ugh, i really need to visit a hairdresser too, but i'm also completely broke! >.<

  2. It's annoying to be broke... PFFT! xD

  3. I'm broke so I didn't do anything since I dyed it back to black. And it's horrible. And gets worse.

    Try to use "Gugo"- it's natural din and good for the hair and scalp. Or just conditioner?

  4. @Meki

    Yeah!~ It only gets worse! No matter what I do with or use to fix it, it's just -- bleh! Horrible! Grrrr!

    I'll look for "gugo" as soon as I can find free time. :) Thanks for swinging by, baby!~

  5. Yea. I'll write something about it as soon as I find my charger. UGH.


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