Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lolita Highlight: Coruscate Unique from Indonesia

Aside from shopping, another fun thing to do in Etsy is to meet people whom has the same interest as yours. It was indeed surprising to find out that there were a lot of Lolita related stuffs to find in there. And they are limitless!~ From kawaii fabrics to the daintiest ribbons and cutest buttons can all be found there! 

I am fortunate to meet one fellow Lolita based in Indonesia. Her name is Zu and she's the shop owner of Coruscate Unique. I soo adore her creations! ♥ Very detailed and unique! 
Her shop offers a lot of Lolita stuffs and one thing that caught my attention is this:

Elegant Black Shoes - HANDMADE!~
Aaaaw... Heaven knows I am crazy for shoes and this one's got to be in my rack someday! 

Oh well! Just like her creations, Zu is an adorable person too! Very friendly and humble not to mention that she's a very talented designer. Yes!~ She makes the dresses herself! Isn't that awesomeness to the core?!

You might want to check these dresses too---

Go visit her Etsy shop here.

And speaking of awesomeness, she also made this dress for an Indonesian female singer, Vicky Shu.


Oh! By the way, did I mention that she offers her stuffs for a very reasonable price? Yes, she does! 

So, for all the girls out there who loves handmade stuffs, check out her listings in Etsy and her Fan page on Facebook right here. Who knows? You might find your dream dress in her shop... :)


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