Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thrift finds

Soooo... I'm back again! 

Pardon me for I have to fulfill all my duties as a mom before I could really find a time like this. I have so much task to in my hand that made me choose to update this blog my least priority. I do hope you would understand that aside from making dresses and poofy petticoats and accessories, I also have to maintain the house and the kids. But that doesn't mean that I am not into Lolita anymore. I still am and will be for like, uhm, always? ^___^ 

Anyway, right now I just want to share with you my latest thrift finds from the thrift store nearby. I wish I could take photos of the place like most bloggers do but I don't think the owner would be pleased with the idea. It is a BIG place filled with really nice clothes, shoes and bags, mostly second hand but not really all. Like yesterday, I was able to find a new with tag Liz Lisa top from them. See? I am really lucky! 

Another lucky find is this:

An Anna Sui sandals! ♥
my size!~
not new but really good as new!~
This one, I forgot to share, is from one of my shopping trips in the city a few months ago. It fits my youngest daughter perfectly and is really making me cry because I can't pull off sweet pink dresses! T___T

a bit crumpled but still a pretty find...
I just feel very lucky!~ My friends would often ask how was I able to find these kinds of nice pieces and ask me for advice. But I don't really know what to tell them. I gave them a few hints but it's pure luck, I guess. And tons of patience! Maybe on my next posts, I might be able to share a few good tips for thrift shopping. 

See you in a few and thanks for reading!~ ♥


  1. Oh my gosh! You found Liz Lisa and Anna Sui in a thrift shop? @__@;; that is so awesome! What country do you live in??

  2. Hi, Kate! ♥ I live in the Philippines. There are so many thrift shops here and I remember seeing a lot of Liz Lisa clothes before I even got interested into this kind of fashion. :)) By the way, we sell some of our thrift finds here:
    and here is a friend of mine selling some stiffs too:

    hope you can visit and take a look!~ Thanks a lot! ♥


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