Monday, August 15, 2011

Bows and more bows

Still remember my post about my first Etsy purchase? With the help of my dear teacher, it ended up like this:

I added some details and made some accessories. It was really stressful for me since I had to work on other important things recently and that I had no time to sew. :( 

And the accessories...

shoe clips!~
Yesterday, we had a shoot with a friend. I think she's going to use the photos for a magazine article. I'm going to wait for the photos so I can share them here. Good thing Jaja took some snapshots and emailed them to me today. But I'll blog about them laterrr...

Meanwhile, here's a snap of my shoes...

Anna Sui - thrift find! ♥
I'm sure I'll be seeing you later... ^_^


  1. Wow! It's so beautiful! I love the neckline so much! You did such a lovely job!

  2. I gave the design to my teacher and I'm not sure if she used magic on that dress. It was really pretty!~ Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! ^_^

  3. cute!
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