Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lalalalalalalala means I love you...

I was invited by a friend of mine to attend a mini gathering at The Fort. It was business related so I couldn't say no. Still, I was a bit hesitant to take my hubby along. He doesn't enjoy seeing me being around with people only I know. It may sound a bit selfish. But I'm good with that. Sometimes, even if it's not good, you get used to it, right? Anyway, we ended up attending the meeting together and I promised him that I'd show him around. It's like a date! ♥ It's been a while since we did something like this. 

A very nice coffee shop within the Burgos Circle, BGC. The UCC Coffee.

Tea for me. Coffee for him. XD
After the business meeting, we went around for a walk. Sorry, I didn't take a lot of photos while we were there. I told you, I am not comfortable doing so. Maybe if have a DSLR, I would. xD I just don't like being stared at while I am taking photos of small things, my food or myself. I'm usually annoyed by this kind of attention. AND people wouldn't mind seeing someone taking snapshots using a DSLR! Can you see the difference? :/ 

We took the Electric Tricycle ride to get to the Market Market. It was fun!~ :)

This is how the Electric Tricycle looks like. 

He's a man of few words. But I can tell that he's delighted by what he saw during our walk. xD

Before heading home, he asked if we can have dinner. He's not hungry but he's craving for something. I just thought that I should really take advantage of the offer because as I've said, this seldom happens. 

It was a short, fun and sweet date. ♥ I know, a lot of new things were learned that day. I leaned how to persuade him to the things I'm inclined to do. While, I know, he learned how to appreciate me more. 

I wish, we could do this more often... ♥


  1. pumunta ka pala. hehe angkot ng trike. :))

    gaah twinnings tea! only tea na iinumin ko without milk. :)

  2. uu bb... akala ko nga andun ka din eh. xD hahaha grabe 5pesos lang isang ride dyan sa trike. :))

    UCC coffee ---> ang mohoool! That cup of tea cost me a hundred bucks plus service charge. grabe noh? xDDD

  3. di ko kasi alam pumunta jan tapos wala pa ako pera hahaha! so poor. XD

  4. nag-taxi kami from edsa-pasay rd. wala kasing direct transpo kundi yun eh.. mura lang naman. wala pang 100.

  5. Cute photos! Is that third picture stairs? It looks so interesting! The tricycle is so colorful!

  6. @Mari

    Hi!~ Yes, it is! The place was really beautiful and cozy but I am scared to take photos so I only have to take it from where I was seated. :(

    Haha I'm glad you liked it!~


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