Sunday, August 7, 2011


Two photos of what made the first two days of my weekend really special... 

yumyumyum!~ ♥
Hot chocolate topped with marshmallows = calories LOVE!~ 
I ordered a small cup while waiting for my daughter to finish her tennis lessons, last Friday night.
It was a yummy treat for me since I was out the whole day taking care of some important business matters, doing some errands, and checking with the laundry shop if my dresses were dry cleaned and ready for pick up. WTF! I paid so much for just two Lolita dresses! But, well... I guess it's worth it because my striped set is prone to fading. And I would really be disappointed if that happens. 

Then came Saturday... I attended my dear friend's opening of his new hair salon. He was so happy that I was there, helping him with the customers. And because he was really feeling generous and nice today, he gave me a free haircut! YES! A FREE HAIRCUT!~ *ohyess! Finally, my hair problems were gone (almost)!

I love my bangs! ^_^
Pardon my blurry photo, dear friends. ;) 

Well, so far, so good! ^_^ 

Now, it's Sunday morning and I feel the need to go to bed soon. And I'm still humming this song (though it really isn't a happy one):

"I've waited hours for this
I've made myself so sick
I wish I stayed asleep today
I never thought this day would end
I never thought tonight would ever be
this close to me..."

Been thinking about this song the whole day. Blame the weather! It's raining like crazy the entire day and until this very moment. If I wasn't too busy, I'd really love to stay in bed longer and sleep like a sloth.

This song just made me smile because I remember that this was a hit ages ago... I'm OLD! lmao/lol/wtf

 Anyway, I'm hoping that everyone's doing great. c",) 

Happy, hoppy weekend! xDDD

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