Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm sorry dear blogger friends for I've been away for quite too long. Due to so many responsibilities at hand, I have to be away from the internet and my other routines. My mom and stepdad arrived early September and left this morning to go back to the US. Of course, I and my sister have to take extra care of them while they were here. We never want to make them feel unwelcome, besides, this is still my mother's house. We'd still be doing the chores with or without them around, anyway. It's just that this time, it has to be a bit special. :)

And I realized a lot of things while I was away...

I don't really know how to express this certain sadness and other overwhelming emotions that I feel as of the moment. What I do know is that I'll be going through a lot of changes and it's going to be very hard. 

I always ask myself this: Why is change painful? 

Change is never easy. But it is always good. Well, at least for me. It may hurt but it will eventually make one person stronger and better. 

And yeah... My love for Lolita will be a big part of it. I guess I should start changing that. It's not that I don't like/love it anymore. I just feel that it's dragging me somewhere I don't know. I'm starting to be confused with all it's inclusions. If it's going to be only Lolita, then that's fine. Sad to say, it's not. It has a lot of superfluous details that I don't want to embrace. Since I started loving it, I feel that I am being forced to swallow the bitter part of it. I own me. Why do I have to live by some rules or some negativity? Why should I care on what others might say? Is it that important? Are they part of my immediate family? I can only care so much if it's my family and my few close friends.
Lolita is beautiful. It only becomes dirty and ugly because of so many other things. 

Oh well... *sigh* I guess it's time...

Little by little, you will witness a few changes on this blog. Though I would still be telling stories about Lolita but not that much anymore. I might or might not stop. But I would really want to concentrate on more important matters than that. I guess I'll be showcasing my crafts and some art more and more. May it be Lolita or non-Lolita related. 

This will always be my Ruffled Tea Diary.


  1. changes are good. people should change more often <3 they just stick with their old self because they're too lazy :)

  2. Thank you, Zeruda! Thank you so much for understanding... ♥


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