Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cleaning up

Just as Mom and Step Dad left the house, I went through my closet to try clearing up my things. I wanted to get rid of an uncertain feeling that tries to linger around the house. All of a sudden everything was quiet and it was raining hard too. Everything's gloomy. I stood up, though I was really feeling lazy, and get my ass to work. At least, work on something for a while. 

Since Mom gave me a few new makeup, I need some more space for them which could only BE possible if I'd clean up and throw the old ones. 

My train case (from Oscar De La Renta) full of makeup that I use most of the time.
This is good, you know... I was able to see what I really needed to get for myself. My train case was full of lippies and such, mostly long wearing ones. What I lack is a little more eye shadow and a mascara. I have one. But it's not really my favorite product. 

LancĂ´me Mascara
This was a gift from my dearest cousin. ♥ I won't buy expensive brands like that. I can only do so if I could see that it's worth it's price. This one is not. It smears easily, makes me look like a drunk drag queen. But it gives a full look on my lashes. 
Will I buy this again? NO. What I need is a waterproof mascara because I tend to perspire a lot. I really hope to buy one from Etude or Revlon next month. Good luck to me!

What's left in my train case...
Here are some photos of what was left in my train case. Pardon my collage. >.< I'm no pro photog nor that good in editing. I didn't notice that I used that photo twice. *facepalm
Anyway, I saw how much lippies I have and finally found a good place for my e.l.f. brush set. Those brushes were of great help when I was working as an assistant to my makeup artist/hairstylist friend. And I saw too, that I have soo much Revlon products in there. Gel Primer, Colorstay lip colors, and Foundation. Some random brands like Almay, Elianto, CoverGirl, NYX, Maybelline,  H&M... *GOSH! Too many but still discontented! WTF is wrong with me?! I'm such a spoiled bitch! 

Like they say, a woman has never enough dress to wear. Same goes for the shoes and makeup and other things that we all find essential to our lives. Don't you think? Aaaaw... But then again... This is just me. >_<

And OH!~ Before I forgot, I got me'self new babies! ^_^

Etude's BB Cream All day Strong, Pore Ever Primer, Aloha I'm Jumbo Pen Liner
I never thought I would entrust my face to these products. I mean I have always loved western brands because of the quality. BUT, Etude House has changed that! *not that I'm not going to use western brands anymore --- it depends!* Thanks to my friend Caz! ^_^ I consulted her about it and I was enlightened! She knows makeup better than I do. ♥ She's using the same brand. And she said it's good. So, coming from her, I thought why not give it a shot? These are way *low/er priced (I'd not dare use the word "cheap" because it's not really cheap and 'cheap'! Y'know!) than the brands that I use. However, the quality is the same - even better! 

Oh well! Call me a late bloomer all you want! IDGAF! Haha! xD 

Maybe yeah, I'd try their eye shadows and mascara next. Depends on the munnie flow. >_< THAT, I have to work on! xD

See you! Thanks for reading! ♥

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