Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bakood Festival (WARNING: Photo Flood)

Jaja and I have agreed to meet at the mall last week. It's been a while since our last bonding moment. We meet regularly not just to have fun but also to keep track of our business transactions/plans/whatsoever. We have a few that is outside Lolita. And it's waaaay to hard to explain here. 

Anyway, I didn't know that there was an ongoing event during that day. It was our town's feast day. I know that it was but what I didn't know that there will be an activity at the mall. Last year, it was held in a different place and the only thing I can remember was how humid that day. >_< But now, since it was in the mall, it was a lot comfortable and fun! ^_^

Some snapshots of the exhibits down here...

random photos on display

some old things 

and some more ♥
Among other things, this caught my attention. :)

My favorite photo. An old painting from one of the oldest family that have lived here in our town.

*you may want to click this to read it's caption. :)

The clothes!~ Sooo elegant!

The Thomasites. But all I see are the ladies... @_@
The entrance to the trade fair
Products that are worth your attention. ^_^

How creative people could be! Most were recycled crafts! ♥

This reminds me that Christmas is almost here. Gotta start saving up! xD
And THIS! I want this in my soon-to-be sewing room! ^_^
Sorry for the photo flood. >_< I just couldn't resist taking snapshots of the beautiful things that I can share here in my blog. It is always fun to learn a piece of history especially about the place where you live. :)
Maybe someday, I'd be able to afford to travel to farther places and learn more new "old" things. 

Meanwhile, gotta finish my painting project... I will be back soon! :)

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