Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Food? Yes, please!

And I know, a lot of you would say yes too! ^_^ 

A day of omnomnomnom in photos! 

I'm not a fan of this fast food chain. But I am and will always love pancakes and coffee!~ 

Last week, I spent time wandering around the mall to while away my time. Got hungry and I stopped by Tokyo Tokyo. I tried their new menu, Crab stick Donburi and of course, wherever and whenever onion rings are available, I gotta have 'em! xD

I kinda like their place... It's quiet and clean and bright! But I think it is too small. Oh, well... :)

Just an order of Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki and water spells goodness and *Burp!* ^_^ Excuse me. :)

Did you say SNACK? Oh!~
Home-baked cookies by my dear, dear sister! ♥ Mind you! They are as big as the palm of my hand! Loaded with raisins, oats and chocolate bits = luuuurve! xD 

So, those were not that special kinds of food. It's just that lately, I am not so interested in home cooked meals. I cook most of the time and I feel stuffed just by tasting them before it's even cooked. >_<  Except for the cookies! Haha.. At times like these, I usually look out for something more fun to eat. 
I wish to go on a food adventure with hubby, one day. We should go on a date soon. :) *runsawayandask*

We shall see where my next stop would be. ^_^


  1. food. of course :) BOTH HANDS UP!

  2. meooow!~ purrr!~ Thanks, Love! ♥

  3. OMG now I'm hungry *ç* Wanna taste okonomiyaki again!

  4. I literally went crazy after the first time I had it! And to think, the one that I had wasn't the authentic Japanese dish. It must be really delicious! *wonders


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